April 5, 2014

The District on display at NIH!

Watching the Parade, Ward 8 Community Day, 2010 © Danielle Scruggs

Selected works from The District are currently on view at the National Institutes of Health, West Alcove Gallery from now through May 2nd!

Do stop by. Also, 20% of all sales proceeds go toward the NIH patient fund, so if you buy a print, not only will you be supporting a young, emerging artist (that is, moi), you'll also be supporting a great health-related cause.

Special thanks to Fitzgerald Fine Arts for this wonderful opportunity.

March 19, 2014

DDAY Collective presents Compendium


I'm part of a new artists' collective based here in DC, DDAY Collective. We're the same people who brought about Countenance, before we decided on a name for what we're doing (which consists of the initials of all of our names. There's more story here.)

I'm excited about our next show, which opens in a mere three days: Compendium: Selected Works by David Ibata. Co-curated by myself, Yodith Dammlash, and alice wonder, the show will feature large-scale (I'm talking, life-size) oil paintings, music, a raffle to win a free painting (seriously), and light refreshments.

I hope you can make it, it would be lovely to see you there. Yes, you.

RSVP here.

Bonus! read a profile of David Ibata here.

March 14, 2014


all photos © Danielle Scruggs

Views from the Wing Luke Museum, Chinatown, downtown, and Bainbridge Island. 

I hope I can make another trip to the Pacific Northwest. It was a brief but welcome change of pace.